Alaska legalized gambling

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Alaska legalized gambling casino in ky Too often, it is the poor who pay these voluntary taxes.

Gambling would help Alaska with the problems of money and the fact that lots of alaskans are losing their jobs on the slope because of the drop in oil prices. Gambling would bring more tourists back to Alaska, also because of the slope dropping people it would provide for lots of people who are living on the money that they earned before.

Gambling is a viable source of income and the state of Alaska could certainly use a secondary revenue stream. While Alaska offers impressive slopes or winter sports and a very impressive seafood array, it is a large amount gambling land with little pull to beckon external income. Gambling is one way that they may invite more tourism. Not only do I agree that Alaska should legalize gambling, I'm alaska legalized surprised that gambling isn't already legal there.

Alaska has a significant Native American population, and Native Americans elsewhere have been allowed to open up casinos on their reservations. It seems unfair that that rule wouldn't apply to Native Americans in Alaska. And Alaska is so far off the beaten path for most people that I'm sure it would appreciate anything that would stimulate tourism to the state. Although Gambling Casinos are great money, they still attract local participants. When your community is left with people loosing their checks, and a casino that takes away all the money, in the end are the little taxes worth it to the community?

I do not think so. It will provide a few jobs, but the jobs will not get the employees anywhere. Minimum gambling jobs with terrible benefits. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Should Alaska legalize gambling? New to Old Created: Old to New Likes: Most to Gambling Likes: Least to Most Replies: Most to Least Replies: Alaska needs to legalize gambling Gambling would help Alaska with the problems of money and the fact that lots of alaskans are losing their jobs on the slope because of online poker - casino drop in oil prices.

No, Alaska Should not legalize gambling. Related Opinions Should gambling be involved in video games for kids? Should the amount of the money paid through gambling tax be decreased? Is horse racing cruel? Is gambling morally wrong? Is alcoholism actually a safe alternative to much more destructive addictions such as gambling and theft?

Are the charitable generations from gambling substantial, and can this go toward justifying their existence? Should gambling casino football line laws be banned? Is gambling commonly addictive, and would this be a reason for regulating it? Is gambling at casinos dangerous? Should we legalize gambling in Arkansas?

Alaska casinos and gambling information including poker tournaments, slots info, pari-mutuel (dogs & horses), texas hold'em, and more. Find contact. There are no casinos in Alaska. However, there are two Class II gaming facilities authorized by the Federal National Gaming Commission (NIGC) per the Indian. Is legalized gambling a good idea for Alaska? Perhaps; like so many things in economics, the only correct answer is, ``It depends.''.

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